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Adding a casino theme to your corporate event is an excellent way to reward employees for all their hard work and to facilitate interaction on a social level. Casino parties are also a great way to impress clients. With professional dealers, and premium blackjackpokercraps, and roulette tables, count on Chicago Casino Event Planners for a unique and memorable corporate party.

The event planning experts at Chicago Casino Event Planners will help you with every aspect of your casino party. We will work with you to create a customized package that meets your needs, allowing you to add or subtract tables up to 5 days prior to your event. Our operations manager will also be happy to conduct a walkthrough of your venue and map out a floorplan.

On the day of your event, our delivery crew will arrive early to set up all of the equipment. Our dealers will arrive thirty minutes before deal time, dressed in tuxedo attire. When guests arrive, they will receive funny money which they can then trade in for chips at any of the casino tables. Guests will then have four hours to play for the opportunity to win prizes. We can help you determine the best method for giving away prizes, with options such as a raffle drawing or auction. We even provide the raffle tickets, and our professional casino host will be happy to conduct the raffle or auction.

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Why A Casino Party For Your Next Company Event?

According to research done in 2013, as many as 70% of US workers are disengaged at work[1]. Company parties and events are more than just a fun break from the daily grind; they’re essential for continued productivity[2], fostering trust inside an organization, and helping to shape a company culture that can attract and maintain talent. Company events prompt coworkers and leaders to get to know each other on a different level, develop mutual empathy and respect, and form friendships that aren’t easily facilitated in the normal course of working together[3].

Company or corporate events will be far more effective when they are fun and engaging, facilitate both cooperation and competition, and give team members opportunities for self-expression. In all three of these areas, casino games are ideal. If you want to help your team feel more engaged, increase cooperation, and show appreciation for their hard work, book a casino rental for your next corporate event today!

Chicago Casino Rentals for Corporate Events

Turn Any of These Corporate Events Into a Casino Night

Holiday Parties

There’s an event for every season, and every season is better with a casino night! Rent casino equipment for your next Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, or even Groundhog Day Party. There’s no holiday that can’t be improved with a Chicago Casino Event Planners!

Christmas Parties

Tis the season to have some fun! Holiday parties are always fun, but your Christmas party should be something extra. Vegas is an increasingly popular location for Christmas entertainment. But this yuletide season, bring Vegas to you with a Chicago Casino Rental!

Employee Appreciation Events

It is a widely-accepted truism that good leaders recognize their people, and great leaders appreciate their people. Simply showing your team that their contribution matters will go a long way to improving your company culture. A casino-themed party is an ideal way to do just that! They’ll have the opportunity to relax, have fun, build important relationships, and practice their poker faces!

Office Socials

Most of us work in industries that require constant creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation are best achieved in an environment where multiple minds are able to come together to solve internal and external problems. Common sense suggests that employees who learn how to work together effectively will be better able to solve these problems. That’s why it’s important for your team to be comfortable with each other and have strong relationships. Holding an office social, especially a casino-themed office social, will go a long way to help facilitate those relationships.

Casino Rental Corporate Entertainment for Chicago Companies

While casinos today are mostly associated with Las Vegas, what many people don’t realize is that it was entrepreneurs from Chicago and the East Coast that built the first Las Vegas casinos in the early and mid 20th century. In many ways, today’s Vegas still reflects the casino culture that had its start in the Windy City.

Casino-themed games have been popular in the United States since before the founding of the nation. As early as the 1680s[4], English aristocracy in the Virginia colony considered betting and gambling to be essential for forming strong bonds camaraderie and trust–both within their early enterprises and in the broader merchant community.

The long tradition of casino-themed corporate entertainment found its way to Chicago during the industrial revolution[5]. Like so much of what happened in early Chicago’s history, what started as an activity reserved for the rich elite quickly became democratized, leading to the popularization of casino-themed companies and businesses in every corner of the city. This democratization led to a long tradition of casinos as a place of coming together for people from every walk of life.

The historical record is clear: casino games promote camaraderie and trust within an organization, form strong corporate relationships, and help leaders and their teams feel more integrated. Making your Chicago corporate events or company parties into a casino night with Chicago Casino Event Planners may be just what the doctor ordered for your team. Request a quote today!

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