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The money wheel is a great game for less serious gamblers. The game is played by 10 players and one dealer. Players place betting chips on the dollar amount they predict will come up when the wheel is spun, and odds depend on the number of times each amount is listed on the wheel. At Chicago Casino Event Planners we offer only the highest quality money wheel rentals and tables.

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Chicago Money Wheel Rentals

What is a Money Wheel? 

Although similar wheel-of-chance games are likely as old as gambling itself, the game known as Money Wheel first launched in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in 2011.  Money Wheel is a variation of the Big Six Wheel, and the two are often confused. But a savvy gamer should be able to know the difference. The Big Six Wheel is more popular in the United Kingdom, whereas the Money Wheel is a favorite here in the states. The Money Wheel also has 54 slots as opposed to the Big Six’s 52 slots. 

How do you play the Money Wheel? 

One of the great draws of the Money Wheel game is its simplicity of play. The object of the game is to merely spin the wheel, and guess where it will land.  Players will approach the wheel and place their bets. Once all bets are placed, the dealer will then spin the wheel. The wheel will make several anxiety-inducing turns and slowly come to a stop on one of its 54 labeled slots. The number the indicator stops on is the winning number and payout amount.

Success Strategies for Playing The Money Wheel

Unlike games like Poker that combine elements of chance and skill, a Money Wheel machine is close to a true games of chance. While technically a deterministic system, the results of a Money Wheel spin are governed by chaos theory mathematics, in which tiny variations in initial conditions (such as the velocity of the spin, the friction of the axel, or the stiffness of the stopper) can lead to wildly unpredictable outcomes–making the eventual landing place nearly impossible to predict. Our advice for playing the Money Wheel? Bring a rabbit’s foot.

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