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We are happy to offer top of the line craps table rentals. Craps is known as the fastest-moving table game held in casinos, and there are dozens of betting opportunities available! The basis of craps is to bet on the fact that the person rolling the dice is then going to roll the number everyone at the table needs to win.

Our casino grade craps tables are 12-feet long, made out of oak wood, come complete with drink rails, and finally carved chip trays. Our professional dealers and stick men will turn even beginners into high rollers by the end of the night!

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Washington DC Craps Table Rentals

History of Craps

Craps is easily the world’s most popular dice game around. The history of craps can be traced back to medieval times. Originally Craps went by the name of Hazard. The game evolved and finally made its way overseas to America via French and British immigrants. Craps comes from the French word crapaud, which translates to toad. Many think that is a reference to how players would squat down, similar to a toad, to shoot the dice since Craps tables were not yet available. The modern layout and design we are used to today is a recent invention by dice-maker John H. Winn.

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