Areas Served

Local Areas Served in Washington DC Near You Headquartered in Washington DC, we are a full-service casino event provider with a national reputation for superb quality and customer service. Unlike some of our competitors, we connect you with our event planning specialists located in areas served right here in Washington DC. We’re happy to meet … Read more

Casino Equipment

Casino Equipment Rentals in Washington DC Washington D.C. Casino Event Planners offers only top of the line equipment for our clients. Our tables reflect those used in Las Vegas and are in pristine condition. They feature double-padded leather armrests, solid wood bases, and authentic wool felts. In addition to our poker tables, we offer prime … Read more

Slot Machine Rentals

Premium Quality Slot Machine Rentals in Washington D.C. Our slot machine rentals are a perfect alternative for players who aren’t necessarily keen on table games. They can be played at your own pace, and require no skill. We have a number of variations of slots, with different ways to bet. However, the outcome and payoff … Read more

Blackjack Rentals

Washington D.C. Blackjack Rentals for Any Event Blackjack was most likely invented around the 1700’s in France and has been taking the world by storm since it has made its way overseas to America since. The 2 main goals by someone playing Blackjack is to either hit 21, or get as close as you can … Read more

Craps Table Rentals

Washington DC Craps Table Rentals for Any Event We are happy to offer top of the line craps table rentals. Craps is known as the fastest-moving table game held in casinos, and there are dozens of betting opportunities available! The basis of craps is to bet on the fact that the person rolling the dice is … Read more

Let It Ride Rentals

High Quality Let It Ride Rentals in Washington DC Let it Ride is what we describe as a slowed down version of poker. This game requires players to place 3 bets before they are dealt 3 cards for their hand. They are then provided with 2 community cards to add to their poker hands. Finally, they … Read more

Money Wheel Rentals

High Quality Money Wheel Rentals in Washington DC The money wheel is the simplest casino rental we offer. It is also a great alternative for people that aren’t necessarily huge gamblers. The object is to simply pick a number on the wheel. Odds differ based on how often that number appears on the wheel. Your … Read more

Pai Gow Poker Rentals

Premium Pai Gow Poker Rentals for Any Event Pai Gow Poker is a combination of the American game poker, and the Chinese game that goes by the name Pai Gow, which is played with dominoes. Players are dealt seven cards, they then arrange those into one five-card poker hand, and one two-card poker hand. To … Read more

Poker Table Rentals

Poker • Texas Hold’em • Let It Ride • Pai Gow • Caribbean Stud The abundance of versions of poker play is what’s to blame for its increasing demand. Washington D.C. Casino Event Planners offers a variety of those games. This includes Let It Ride, Omaha Hi, Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow, Seven Card Stud, Caribbean … Read more

Roulette Rentals

High Quality Roulette Rentals in Washington D.C. Roulette is notorious around the world. It is one of most popular casino games out there, not to mention one of the oldest! In this rapid game, guests will wager on what they believe will be the winning number on the Roulette wheel. Guests can wager on a … Read more